Project work

Development and implementation of a system for acquisition and processing of sensor data.

Development and implementation of a system for acquisition and processing of sensor data.
As project work, during my further education as technician in mechatronics, I decided to do the following IoT-Project:


Project description


  • Get an overview of a complex central heating system
  • Control processes
  • Optimize the existing control
    schema heating system
    System diagram of the present heating system with planned measuring points


  • Equip the heating system with sensors
  • Collect sensor data
  • Present sensor data on a website
  • Run data-based actions

image One section of the resulted website displaying collected sensor data

Course of action


The idea was to develop an own system, instead of using proprietary components like a PLC or industrial sensors.
This would result in a scalable and cost efficient solution using common consumer electronics. concept of the planned system
Concept schema of the developed system


  • Developing a custom pcb
  • Choosing components
  • Designing parts
  • Manufacturing assemblies
  • Developing software
  • Testing and evaluating
  • Documenting the project in a scientific paper

image Layout of the designed pcb in kicad


Implemented Features

  • Multi purpose pcb:
    • Read various sensors
    • Control things with relay and mosfet outputs
    • WiFi Capability
  • Send sensor data to central server
  • Store data in a database
  • Access data via a web interface
  • Analyze data, send notifications
  • Send commands from server to pcb

image One of the pcbs wired and mounted on a wall next to the heating system

Projects based on this one

In this particular project a central heating system is monitored and controlled using the developed pcb.
However, the multi purpose pcb was planned to be used in various other, future projects.

image Developed pcb used for controlling the electric armchair v2



Custom pcb

  • 100x100 mm 2-layer pcb
  • ESP-32 microcontroller
  • 2x TPS562200 Voltage regulator
  • 6x Si2302 N-Channel Mosfet
  • 2x IRF7455 N-Channel Mosfet
  • LEG-12 Relay
  • Buzzer, smt led
  • Screw terminals
  • Various passive components

image SMT components


  • 25x DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 1x PT100 temperature sensor
  • 3x Pressure sensor
  • 4x Current sensor
  • 1x SHT10 temperature, humidity sensor (outdoor)
  • 3x SHT33 temperature, humidity sensor


  • 3d-printed housing
  • Custom brass adapters for pressure sensors
  • Custom aluminium holders for temperature sensors

image Pressure sensors with custom brass adapters



  • ESP-IDF Espressif IoT Development Framework (C)
  • Node-Red (JavaScript)
  • MySQL (SQL)


  • MQTT


  • KiCad
  • Inkscape
  • LaTeX

concept of the planned system
ESP toolchain (source:

image Logos of software used in this project