Electric Armchair

An old armchair from the living room upgraded with electric motors.

An old armchair from the living room upgraded with electric motors. Now you can relax while taking a tour in the garden.


  • Top-speed: 5 km/h
  • Range: Approx 20 minutes due to old batteries
  • Turning radius: 0.25 m
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Current Features
    • individual drive of each tire
    • Operate with joystick
    • Operate with Remote control via WiFi
    • Web interface for configuration (e.g. max speed or current limit)
    • Massage function
    • USB Charging Port

image Parked armchair

  • Future Features
    Note: This version has been discontinued and replaced by the electric-armchair V2 which includes new features.
    • More sensors:
      • Accelerometer
      • Lidar sensor
      • GPS receiver
    • Anti slip regulation
    • Self driving algorithm
    • Individual suspension of the rear tire for better grip
    • Lights



  • Used armchair
  • 2x hand truck tires
  • 2x swivel castors
  • chain and sprockets


  • Power: 350 W each
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Type: Brushed DC motor
  • Rotating speed: 2500 rpm (without gearbox)
  • Attachment: Gearbox 9.8:1


  • Voltage: 24 V (2x 12 V in series)
  • Capacity: 2,4 kWh (2x 12 v 100 Ah)
  • Type: Deep cycle AGM


  • Custom pcb with ESP-32 microcontroller
  • 2x 100A full bridge motor driver
  • 2x analog hall-sensor for current metering

image Tires and batteries mounted to frame

image Motor drivers, current-sensors and control pcb


Garden tour


Turning radius, Remote control



Tire loss

image Cheap tires

Tip over

image Too much acceleration

Motor burned out

image Due to a missing timeout in the firmware one motor slightly moved all night

Cat in control

image Cat operates the armchair